Happy Stories

Happy Stories

“I’d recommend this to anyone who wants to reconnect with those things that give us true meaning.”

Initially I viewed happiness as, in part at least, influenced by others perceptions. This course helped me strip this away to focus on my inner self and brought more awareness to the positive influence I can have on those around me. I’d recommend this to anyone who wants to reconnect with those things that give us true meaning. It was extremely easy to relate to Greta and she provided excellent support to me throughout the journey – maximizing the potential for strong accountability. A wonderful journey that doesn’t end when the course stops!

Colin, Ireland

“It will for sure change your life!” 

I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect much, I felt overall a happy person anyways. Yet I can tell you, it shook my life!
It was amazing to see how the small things that we do in our life can strongly change the way we think and feel. This program taught me mindfulness, new techniques, new ways to perceive the same things. The biggest change in my life after completing this program is that I’m not afraid to give myself or others the best mark! I never did that before! I’d totally recommend this program for everyone! It doesn’t matter if you feel happy or not that much! It will for sure change your life!

Migle, Lithuania

“My perception of life and routine changed dramatically.”

I pretty much good at digging deeper in my own states of mind and life on my own having lots of questions. So usually I don’t join programs like this or fail to stay and complete because I lose interest. 
With Greta it’s different, I feel more accountability because starting from the first week I received valuable feedback and angles I never thought about. 
After just few weeks my perception of life and routine changed dramatically, I started sleeping better and value different aspect of my life in a totally different way. 

Diana, Ukraine

Stories from people who completed the “Choose Happiness” program

“The program supported me in becoming more content in my life overall”

The program has helped me to get to know myself better and understand what happiness means to me. It helped me to redevelop my daily gratitude practice and supported me in becoming more content in my life overall. I recommend the program to anyone who is struggling with happiness or is confused about what really makes them happy.

Kristel, Estonia

“I’m happier and see more colours too!”

I didn’t know if personality transformation can happen in few months, but Greta’s approach, insights and persistence made positive, lasting changes. Topics like limiting beliefs, observance of the inner chat drove me to switch from square to wide-screen view of my personality. I’m happier and see more colours too!
If this eBay, I’d say: highly recommended, A+++ seller, haha. Many thanks, Greta!

Justinas, Lithuania

“I became more satisfied, more mindful, happier.”

This program helped me to take ownership of happiness into my own hands. With simple exercises, journaling and reflecting, calls with Greta I became more satisfied, more mindful, happier. 6 months after the program I feel even more confident about my happiness.Every day I remember that I have the full responsibility for my happiness and I need to make it happen. 

Egle, Lithuania

Stories from people who completed the “Choose Happiness” program

“This program has helped me understand what happiness is to me and what I needed to focus on to be a happy person everyday.”

I knew that happiness is something that needs to come from within, but I was not sure how I could develop that within myself without only relying on external situations. Now, I have a happiness tool kit where I take 10-15 minutes to do a couple activities from that list anytime that I am feeling down. Calls with Greta are my favorite. She is willing to listen without any judgement and challenges you to question where our inner thoughts are coming from. I feel so grateful to come across this program. It is like universe created this opportunity for me to be able to focus on myself.

Sravanthi, the US

“It was actually a really conscious kickstart to build a happy way of living for myself!”

I went to the program carried of so many beliefs that were limiting me to achieve a happy way of living. Being able to dig deeper in understanding what they were and their negative impact in all of the areas of my life was extremely important to understand what was happiness in the purest and most authentic way possible to come from me. It’s just magical to have Greta around spreading her happiness and she’s a person that holds a lot of knowledge and experience in the field, which gave me a lot confidence and responsibility. I’d say that the journey didn’t end when the program finished, it was actually a really conscious kickstart to build a happy way of living for myself.

Ze, Brazil

“My happiness level has increased greatly.”

This program has immensely helped me to grow and learn to live happily. Greta has been a huge support throughout the program and had come up with intriguing tasks to self reflect and introspect. The program has brought immense direction to my life and has taught me to look at it in a different way. My happiness level has increased greatly. I tend to be more content with the way things are around me. I have learned to let go of things that are not in my control and not give to much importance to them.

Daruk, India