Group Programs

Group coaching programs are designed to help you find clarity in your goals and happiness within, while providing you with a sense of community, contribution and belonging. Group members help each other grow by bringing energy, excitement and commitment, providing powerful insights, challenging and supporting each other. Group programs run online, so we literally connect the whole world!

Happy stories

I went to the program carrying so many beliefs that were limiting me from achieve a happy way of living. Being able to dig deeper in what they were and their negative impact in all of the areas of my life was extremely important. I understood what happiness is for me. It’s just magical to have Greta around spreading her happiness and she’s a person that holds a lot of knowledge and experience in the field, which gave me a lot confidence and responsibility. I’d say that the journey didn’t end when the program finished, it was actually a really conscious kickstart to build a happy way of living for myself.

Ze, Brasil

“Choose Happiness” program

I pretty much good at digging deeper in my own states of mind and life on my own having lots of questions. So usually I don’t join programs like this or fail to stay and complete because I lose interest. With Greta it’s different, I feel more accountability because starting from the first week I received valuable feedback and angles I never thought about. After just few weeks my perception of life and routine changed dramatically, I started sleeping better and value different aspect of my life in a totally different way.

Diana, Ukraine

“Choose Happiness” program

Being part of the Happier 2021 program helped me to be more discipline to my goals and habits I’ve written down for myself. This is program that involves you doing the work and effort towards your goals you set for yourself. I like about the program is that we have accountability groups that keeps you accountable to your goals that you’ve set for yourself. Greta is an amazing coach because she has authenticity the way she conducts the program , she shows she is human and her share guidance on authentic level that makes you connect more.

Granwill, UK

“HAPPIER 2021” program

Group Programs

Discover a community to receive and share

If you’re craving for a safe space, a sense of belongingness, connection and additional insights from group members, you’re in the right place.

Receive ongoing accountability and support

Between the group coaching sessions, you and other group members will be encouraged to share your discoveries, actions taken and learnings. I will also hold you accountable and support along the process.

Challenge limiting beliefs and shift your mindset

Have your thoughts been working for you or against you? Thinking patterns can be more influential than you expect. During our sessions, we will challenge your thoughts and make sure they are serving you.

Work on personal goals

While group coaching programs might not seem individual at first glance, they are highly tailored to your personal needs: you will be the one who decides what your priorities and needs are.

Expand your toolbox

The programs will provide you with plenty of exercises and skills to expand your existing toolbox. You will be able to see which ones serve you the most so that you can use them all over again in the future.

Rediscover what happiness means to you

Have you ever felt that someone’s happiness is not at all how you imagine yours? Let’s work together to rediscover what is it that makes you shine and what steps should be taken towards it.

Current available programs

Learning together with like-minded people is much more powerful. Have a look at all programs that are running and in case you have questions on which fits you the best, send me a message through a contact form.

Choose Happiness

from $399

Gain clarity on what affects your happiness

Learn tactics to make happiness a conscious choice

Identify your limiting beliefs and shift them to empowering ones

Build your happiness routine to sustain it long term

6 weeks

6 videos, exercises and daily challenges

3 group coaching sessions

Constant personal support over chat

WhatsApp group


from $499

Set dreams and goals that inspire you

Identify and make effective habits

Learn how your mindset and motivation work

Take action with a supportive community

4 months

4 live training sessions

5 group coaching sessions

Accountability group and guidance

Exclusive Facebook group