1:1 Coaching

There are 2 things needed to make a change – clarity and action. A consistent action. Having a coach can give you both.

Allow me to be there for you, to ask you questions that open new perspectives, to mirror your thoughts and words, and facilitate your actionable takeaways.
I am the coach who will laugh at your jokes (if they are good šŸ˜‰ ), but will get you back on track to go deeper even if it’s uncomfortable.
I am the coach who will cheer and root for you, but won’t avoid challenging your thoughts.

I am the member of International Coaching Federation (ICF), Mindvalley Certified Life Coach, on the way to become Associate Certified Coach.

Happy client stories

My experience with having Greta as Happiness Coach was truly an eye-opener: it was fun, insightful and most importantly, rewarding. I was coming from a desperate place where I wasn’t happy with anything I was doing, and Greta “simply” asked the right questions and helped me realise that we need to act towards what we want by first discarding what drag us down. Thank you Greta, for your wisdom, your patience and your care.

Federico, Argentina

Working with Greta has been an incredibly fulfilling experience! Greta helped me to unlock my thinking on areas of my life and work I’d previously neglected. After sessions with Greta I’d practical tips and, most importantly, true confidence, to progress actions on everything from improving stakeholder relationships to making the right choices on my personal development.

Colin, Ireland

Greta gave me tools to solve situations that are the most tricky for me and loads of value to figuring out what brings me joy in life. I am less stressed about whether my life meets some standards and more about claiming space, listening to what I really want. In a way, I am slightly less dependent on other people, which is a big step for me. Greta was there every step of the way, when I needed her to be, keeping me accountable and I am so glad I’ve taken this journey together.

Gerda, Lithuania

Personal Coaching

Gain clarity around your purpose and passions

What gives you life purpose? Together we will take a deep look into who you are, what talents and gifts you possess and what provides your life with meaning.

Develop better self-awareness and learn to be fully present

Sometimes life is hectic and you might feel the need to keep running, hustling. Let’s stop and take a moment together to see if what you’re running towards, is what actually matters.

Challenge limiting beliefs and shift your mindset

Have your thoughts been working for you or against you? Thinking patterns can be more influential than you expect. During our sessions, we will challenge your thoughts and make sure they are serving you.

Set clear goals and create systems to achieve them

Once you’ve defined what matters to you, it’s time to take action! Let me help you set goals and decide on tools and structures that will enable you to reach them.

Receive accountability support to make your dreams come true

Life happens. And when it does, you might find yourself struggling with prioritizing yourself, your goals and your time to best serve you. I will be here when you need me to remind you of your dreams and to keep you accountable.

Select your option

Review the packages I offer and select the one matching your needs for a long-lasting positive shift in your life. I am ready to work together whenever you are.

3 months coaching package

1x 50min goal setting session

6x 50min coaching sessions

Practical exercises, homework and feedback

10% discount to group coaching programs

Ongoing WhatsApp/ Telegram support

5 months coaching package

1x 50min goal setting session

10x 50min online sessions

Practical exercises, homework and feedback

20% discount to group coaching programs

Ongoing WhatsApp/ Telegram support

Accountability coaching (monthly)

1x 50min clarity & goal setting session

3x 15min accountability check-in calls

Ongoing WhatsApp/ Telegram support

Happy client stories

Greta was wonderful. She is a great listener and she always has good questions to lead our coaching session to the right direction. She provided me some different perspectives to look at various life issues which were super helpful! The assignment that she gave me after each session was good too. She is so sweet and down to earth. I love her happy energy too!

Rachel, the US

I gained so many insights and so much of what I had been battling with my entire career, has been cleared up!Ā  I truly hope that many others out there, realise that leadership and happiness CAN go hand in hand. You need to look into the work that Greta does on happiness and leadership, and see that it is possible to be both! She has wonderful insights and will open you up to more than you realise is possible! That was exactly what I needed.

Amrita , UK

Greta is a wonderful coach and listener. You almost feel like talking to a friend, but 1500% more efficiently. Greta helped me hear and understand myself better, look at things from another point of view and even overcome some fears. Her support along the way, genuine personality and professionalism is invaluable.

Olga, Lithuania