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I am Greta Kesa and I help people rediscover happiness at work and in life. Let's talk!

Ways I can support you

Lacking that spark and love for life?

You think that there should be more to life than just work and climbing the career ladder? You find yourself living in the future rather embracing what you have now? You tried ticking all the boxes that society told you, yet, you don't feel content and fulfilled?

Book a free 30min discovery call with me! We'll:

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Create the best plan for your happiness.

"My experience with having Greta as Happiness Coach was truly an eye-opener: it was fun, insightful and mostly - rewarding. I was coming from a desperate place where I wasn't happy with anything I was doing. Greta "simply" asked the right questions and helped me realise that we need to act towards what we want by first discarding what drag us down. Thank you Greta, for your wisdom, your patience and your care."

Federico Lahm


About Me

I'm Greta Kesa - certified happiness coach, helping busy professionals to bring back the sense of fulfilment in their life and work. I believe that happier people are kinder people, and that's exactly what the world needs.