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My Story

I believe in happier world.
I believe that happiness is already within us, we just need to take time to rediscover it and consciously choose it.

I choose to spread happiness because for too many years I have been following a “success checklist” given by society which brought me nowhere. When I realized that what really matters is my inner peace, fulfilment, contentment, I started taking conscious steps towards that. And my life shifted. I know yours can shift, too.

I am a certified coach (Mindvalley and FLOW Coaching Institute, a member of International Coaching Federation). I have more than 1500 hours of training experience (leadership and soft skills), more than 100 hours of coaching experience and a great bunch of happy client stories.

What I focus on now

Happiness Coaching

Mindvalley and FLOW Certified, a member of International Coaching Federation

I’ve been coaching people in my teams throughout all experiences for the past 9 years. When it finally hit me that it’s the part that I’m the most passionate about, I decided to make coaching my priority. Since then, I created 3 group coaching programs and have been working with individuals on their happiness, leadership, helped them reach their goals and break limiting beliefs.

Past experiences that shaped me the most

Head of Customer Experience


I started as a Customer Support agent because I simply wanted to work in my dream company. Little did I know, 6 months later I will be leading the team of 40 individuals across the globe. Eventually, this brought me to Head of Customer Experience position where I focused on prevention, feedback, quality assurance and solutions for customers. On the side, I’ve been contributing to the culture, learning&development and social initiatives – hosting Mindvalley University, hosting A-Reports (town calls), leading workshops on leadership, etc. I have also become Mindvalley Certified Life Coach and have been selected as No.2 MVP (Most Valuable Player) in 2020.

In-house Corporate Trainer

Girteka Logistics

At the age of 23, I got my dream job as an in-house corporate trainer. I started leading soft skill training to people 2-3 times older than me. During those 3 years, I had 1300+ participants impacted on the topics of communication, stress and emotion management, public speaking. I led company values creation session and coached the CEO on his speech for one of the biggest national business conferences.

Local Committee President


During 5 years in an organization, I created an international social project Find Your Way which continues to date, led the local committee of 50 people, organized 2 international Train the Trainers conferences and career days, and facilitated more than 20 (30?) conferences.

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